I am a bit behind

Hi to everyone who´s reading this….
I am a bit behind with my challenge because i haven´t much time actually (busy with kids) and here on my site shows error messages and i m trying to fix that…

However i thought i should post something…

The QSC Group is still very active but i couldn´t much participate in the discussions lately and also didn´t visit other blogs for a while… because i want to fix this error first… so i wrote to the developer and asked for help… now waiting for reply.

10 Steps To Help You Discovering and Leveraging your Talents for Wealth

Hey guys and girls,
finally i finished this weeks challenge… It really took me long this week… there were a lot to do and i didn´t have much time… The setup was complicated for me even when it looks easy to do on the surface…

I chose and recommend getresponse as my autoresponder as it´s one of the major ones and it´seasy to use.
If you still don´t have one, you van create your account via this link, and you will get 25 € credit for start.

So… i guess you have seen my opt-in form on the right side/sidebar. You can sign up and get a free audiobook + ebook called “10 steps to help you discovering and leveraging your Talents for Wealth.”

Download it and and let me know what you think.

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – Autoresponder


I truly love this Quick Start Challenge… next challenge is to set up an autoresponder and to have a free gift to give away to new subscribers… like the other two challenges also this one is something i procrastinated for years… and i knew that would come… i was just waiting for it 😉

But i still didn´t do it… mmmhhh…

BTW, the Quick Start Challene Community is really awesome… thank you all :)

Now i will check out autoresponders….

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 – My first video


Now i finally uploaded and published my first video on YouTube and my blog.

It wasn´t so hard to do as i thought… however it´s very very short…

I´m very happy that i bought this “Quick Start Challenge” Course because after all the struggle i m able to do what i always procrastinated before… however I think what hold me back from doing what i supposed to do was/is that it was something i never did before and that made/make me feel uncomfortable.

How about you?

TODAY is the Day !


I bought this domain and created this website already in 2013 but never used it to write anything…

i always wanted but… life kept me busy with other things that got more important…

I never forgot about the site but i thought “I will write when the right time is there.”

So… finally – today – is the day to write my first blog post because

i joined a  program called “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0″


and the first challenge is to write at least one blog post and an “about me” page…

so here I am and here is my page…