I am behind but will never give up

I know i didn´t post anything for the past weeks… well, don´t think that i have given up this blog… Oh no! NO! NO! NO! I will never give up now as i finally started it 😉

The reason i didn´t post is that there are school holidays here in Germany and my kids (twin boys 11 years old) keeps me very busy and i like to spend some time with them… besides that i m doing my job and every day i m learning a lot of new things related to success and having a great life which i will share here soon… i will start to do that in about 2 weeks when the school started again so that i can fully focus on that :)

If you like to see a pic of my sons add me on my facebook page and check the pictures… i will add more pics soon :)

That´s it for now… let me know what you are doing these days… how is your blog going?