I am behind but will never give up

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I know i didn´t post anything for the past weeks… well, don´t think that i have given up this blog… Oh no! NO! NO! NO! I will never give up now as i finally started it 😉

The reason i didn´t post is that there are school holidays here in Germany and my kids (twin boys 11 years old) keeps me very busy and i like to spend some time with them… besides that i m doing my job and every day i m learning a lot of new things related to success and having a great life which i will share here soon… i will start to do that in about 2 weeks when the school started again so that i can fully focus on that :)

If you like to see a pic of my sons add me on my facebook page and check the pictures… i will add more pics soon :)

That´s it for now… let me know what you are doing these days… how is your blog going?


  • Annette:

    I really like your comments about not giving up. I too, am behind in my blogging. I need to redo my blog. Do you mind if I ask what theme this is? I really like the look of it.
    Roy recently posted…Facing The GiantsMy Profile

  • So glad you haven’t abandoned your blog. You have learnt so mush it would be a shame not to take action and follow this through.

    Twin boys? You deserve a medal.

    Keep pushing yourself, take action every day and success will come.

    Thank you for sharing this personal post.

    Enjoy the rest of the school holidays.
    Gill Watkins recently posted…Do You Interact With Forums In Your Niche?My Profile

  • Glad to see your back. The beauty of having an online blog is that you can work on it at your own pace.

  • Glad to hear you’ve not given up, Annette! Look forward to hearing more.
    Barbara O’Toole recently posted…7 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Blog’s Email Sign Up FormMy Profile

  • Hi Annette, good to see you again :) I am also getting quite behind my schedule but I will catch up soon. My niece in Europe is also getting ready for school these days and here in Malaysia the school year is soon to end – in November :)) Enjoy your time with your twins, I also have a twin sister :)) it’s a lot of fun! :)

  • You can’t always work your business, you have a life, but what you post will be online, remember that.

    Remember, I can help if you need it, just like anyone out in the group. We can help, but take action and never give up :)
    Carlos Cortez recently posted…Do Know What Your Customers Are Saying?My Profile

  • Yeah, life and other circumstances may set you back from time to time, but you need to push through.

    Here is a suggestion for you: When you have some time, why not create a few posts and then schedule them to auto-publish on specific dates in the future. Maybe check when the next holidays take place and prepare your posts beforehand.
    Duane Reeve recently posted…Is Duplicate Content Hurting Your SEOMy Profile

  • Hello,
    I know exactly what you’re going thru! I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, home and family caretaker, and now getting into the online marketing world, through QSC. There is tons of stuff to be done and not enough hours in the day.

    I became more a busy fool – then I did Dean Holland’s WMN technique and absolutely flipped! I suggest you try it out too – no, it’s not a “pitch”. 30 minutes or less, when your twin boys are well settled for the night … and you’ll be astounded at the results! It’s briefly explained on my blog.

    To your amazing patience, and your success


  • Nice to hear from you Annette! Love the style of your blog…sort of like Dr Seuss! The past is the past so just keep on going, little by little and your business will grow. As you say… don’t give up!
    Barbara Dowling recently posted…Plugins for ProfitMy Profile

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