Day 20 – Your beliefs have POWER



What do you believe about life? Where are your thoughts troughout the day?

What you are focus on will expand… do you focus on what you don´t want or on that what you want in your life?

Change your thoughts and your life will magically change.


Have you ever heard this quote?

Your thoughts become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your life.


What is your opinion about that?



Day 17 – Take a break from being online everyday



Since today i take everyday a 1 hour “no online activity allowed” break… that means that my kids and i are putting away our phones, ipads, tablets, laptop etc. for 1 hour and don´t use it… during this time we must do other activities like drawing, talking, playing, learning something together… it´s really nice :) I may increase the 1 Hour to longer in the future :)

What´s your opinion about that?

Please comment below…

Day 12 – Take care of Yourself


What means TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF  for me?

1. having enough rest/sleep

2. eat and drink healthy stuff (for me this includes no smoking, no alcohol and no other drugs)

3. taking time for my hobbies (i have lots of them but doing rarely any of it)

4. taking breaks and relax… meditate…

How about you ?

What are you doing to take care of yourself ???

Day 11 – Make a decision and have Discipline


It starts with a decision. Having discipline is critical to be successful in life.

If you don´t do what you should do, how can you achieve what you want ?

Here are some short but informative videos from YouTube:

Link to video

Summary of the tips from the video above:
1. Focus on Enjoying the Journey
2. Balance Enjoyment of the Process and Having Strong Goals
3. Be Clear about your Vision and Purpose in your Life, i.e. your WHY-Statement
4. Control your Energy Levels
5. Let a Tiny Snowball Become a Roaring, Spitting and ALL Overpowering AVALANCHE

Link to Video


1. Make a dicison
2. Start declaring it out of your mouth

Link to Video1   Video2   Video 3

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