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Hey… do you wonder where i have been the past weeks?

End of July i discovered the live-streaming app “Periscope” and i m there daily… i have connected with lots of awesome and successful peeps there. It is truly a live-changing experience.

Tons of entrepreneurs are there and sharing their success tips, empowering stories, helping you with your challenges and to grow and to change your life… answering your questions… it´s so awesome… i can´t be described… you must experience it for yourself.

Are you stuck in your life ?

Do you want to move forward ?


1. go in your app store/goopleplay store  on your phone and download the app

2. i recommend to use your twitter account or create one and log in

3. search for @sunshineladyNET and add me on Periscope and Twitter

4. wait for suggestions from me to what to watch or who to follow or ask me here in the comments

I m waiting for your comments and looking forward to meet you on periscope :)



  • Hi Annette,
    I have noticed a few changes on your blog! :) And am looking forward for the “coming soon” parts:))) I’ve already come across this periscope, could you please tell more about it? I’ll check it out on my phone too and will connect with you there ;). Be well and see you soon!

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