Day 5 – i need to take a break

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Since yesterday evening i m not feeling so well… it´s very seldom that i have headache but yesterday i had a strong one… i did drink a lot of fresh water (water is very important because about 70% of our body is water)… and i felt better… i m drinking distilled water which i produce with a distiller because i heard it´s the best…

Here are two videos why:

But i m still not 100% good again… i guess i need more rest too because the last weeks i went to sleep late and spent a lot of time online because i have so many things in my mind that i want to do and i m excited and i think that makes me stress too… and i had the teet operation some days ago which needs to heal too and i was working too…

However not much to say today… it´s always if i try to rush and push something to much, then it doesn´t work for me… then i have to take a rest and get calm and start with a fresh mind and fresh power :)

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