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Hey my friend,

My name is Annette and i m living in Southern Germany in Munich.

For a very long time i used to have lots of penfriends from all around the world because i love to be worldwide connected.

My nickname is “sunshinelady” because i love to bring “sunshine” to everyone i come in contact with…

When i was a teenager i started to explore the mysteries of a happy, healthy and wealthy life… i always had this desire to learn how to be able to live my life the way i really want to… without limits and restrictions…

On my search I read lots of books and learnt from different mentors online or in courses and i m still learning, every day and i m loving it.

I see life as an amazing game :)

I have experienced a lot… so called “good” and “bad”… and i m here to inspire, challenge and share… and most importantly to make close friendships with people from all around the world :)

I m looking forward to connect with you… through socialmedia :)

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