Day 4 – Appreciation


How could i forget that ?!

I almost forgot 1 important commitment:

6. Expressing gratitude/appreciation 30 minutes every day

(15 min. morning, 15 min evening)

Expressing appreciation/gratitude is one the most important habit to do every day.

How To Show Gratitude in Five Different Ways

Link to the video

Day 3 – Graphic Creation


Today i decided to create graphics for my 30 Day Challenge (the one above here) and a logo and new graphics for my website “” because the other one i created was about 1 or 2 years ago. I love the new design :)

old one:cropped-cover2.png

new one: Open your mind to the new. Let you inspire to live hapy, healthy and wealthy :)Look at the difference – which one is better?

I also created posts for instagram. Look at them by clicking here

DAY 2 – dentist and theme demos


Hey… today i was by the dentist and he had to do an operation on my teeth because i had an abscess… i had some pain and couldn´t eat the whole day… but now in the evening i cooked some pumpkin and blended it with some chlorella and spirulina powder and that was so delicious & healthy… good for healing :)


I didn´t do much today because of that and i was just creating some demo sites of blog wordpress themes… and i m still looking for the perfect theme and design for this website here… i may have to use some individual site builder which i bought a while ago…hopefully with them real custom design is possible :)

Day 1 – my 30 day challenge


Today is the first day of my new life :)

More and more i feel that it´s time to change some things about myself… over the past years i created some habits that are not supporting me in my life´s goals…

Finally i decided and commited to it :)

Read what i wrote here:

#challenge #success

and these papers i draw and now they are sticking on my wall to see every day and to remember what to focus on :)

#commitment #life #change

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