Are you on Snapchat yet ???

Some days ago i started to explore snapchat… it´s so much fun…come and join me:





1. safe or screenshot this code
2. click “add friends via snapcode”
3. select my code from your camera roll and i m added

4. watch my daily stories and interact with me :)

Where i have been

Hey… do you wonder where i have been the past weeks?

End of July i discovered the live-streaming app “Periscope” and i m there daily… i have connected with lots of awesome and successful peeps there. It is truly a live-changing experience.

Tons of entrepreneurs are there and sharing their success tips, empowering stories, helping you with your challenges and to grow and to change your life… answering your questions… it´s so awesome… i can´t be described… you must experience it for yourself.

Are you stuck in your life ?

Do you want to move forward ?


1. go in your app store/goopleplay store  on your phone and download the app

2. i recommend to use your twitter account or create one and log in

3. search for @sunshineladyNET and add me on Periscope and Twitter

4. wait for suggestions from me to what to watch or who to follow or ask me here in the comments

I m waiting for your comments and looking forward to meet you on periscope :)


Awesome stuff will be posted here

hey my friends,
i m preparing to post lots of awesome content here and on my social media sites… so don´t miss it.
Follow me on your fave social media channels or here.
I m looking forward to interact with you all and having lots of fun on our journey to a limitless life 😉

The links to my profiles you can find here.

I am behind but will never give up

I know i didn´t post anything for the past weeks… well, don´t think that i have given up this blog… Oh no! NO! NO! NO! I will never give up now as i finally started it 😉

The reason i didn´t post is that there are school holidays here in Germany and my kids (twin boys 11 years old) keeps me very busy and i like to spend some time with them… besides that i m doing my job and every day i m learning a lot of new things related to success and having a great life which i will share here soon… i will start to do that in about 2 weeks when the school started again so that i can fully focus on that :)

If you like to see a pic of my sons add me on my facebook page and check the pictures… i will add more pics soon :)

That´s it for now… let me know what you are doing these days… how is your blog going?