Day 19 – Choose what is working for you

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There are tons of different advice, strategies, systems, books, videos etc. out there.

You cant´t read and know everything.

How do you know which one is right for you?

Listen to your heart, your gut feeling, your inner voice what feels right for you to choose, what resonates with you at this present time… what do you need now… then get this :)


Day 18 – Television

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How much time do you spend infront of the TV ?!

I have no TV since more than 4 years and i dont miss it :)


Day 17 – Take a break from being online everyday

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Since today i take everyday a 1 hour “no online activity allowed” break… that means that my kids and i are putting away our phones, ipads, tablets, laptop etc. for 1 hour and don´t use it… during this time we must do other activities like drawing, talking, playing, learning something together… it´s really nice :) I may increase the 1 Hour to longer in the future :)

What´s your opinion about that?

Please comment below…

Day 16 – Do you have a goal in life?

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Do you have a goal in your life?

Do you know what you want to achieve in your life?

Is that really the goal you want to achieve or is that goal somebody else want for you?

You should think about all that and take the neccessary steps towards your goals.



Day 15 – Focus

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Why is FOCUS neccessary ? Here is a 3-min. short and a long video for you:

Link to Video 1          Video 2

Day 14 – Sometimes we have to say NO

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Some months ago i came across this audio and it made click. I want to share it with you:

zero tolerance policy audio link

Day 13 – Time for meditation

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Here are some links to nice music for meditation:

Link to Video

Day 12 – Take care of Yourself

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What means TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF  for me?

1. having enough rest/sleep

2. eat and drink healthy stuff (for me this includes no smoking, no alcohol and no other drugs)

3. taking time for my hobbies (i have lots of them but doing rarely any of it)

4. taking breaks and relax… meditate…

How about you ?

What are you doing to take care of yourself ???

Day 11 – Make a decision and have Discipline

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It starts with a decision. Having discipline is critical to be successful in life.

If you don´t do what you should do, how can you achieve what you want ?

Here are some short but informative videos from YouTube:

Link to video

Summary of the tips from the video above:
1. Focus on Enjoying the Journey
2. Balance Enjoyment of the Process and Having Strong Goals
3. Be Clear about your Vision and Purpose in your Life, i.e. your WHY-Statement
4. Control your Energy Levels
5. Let a Tiny Snowball Become a Roaring, Spitting and ALL Overpowering AVALANCHE

Link to Video


1. Make a dicison
2. Start declaring it out of your mouth

Link to Video1   Video2   Video 3

Day 10 – Confusion

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Today i feel distracted, overwhelmed and confused… there are so many things going on… i have to sort my thoughts… the best way to do that is by writing my thoughts and plans down because

1. It clears your mind for higher-level thinking.
2. It helps you process your emotions.
3. It gives you a record of the past.
4. You gain a sense of achievement.
5. It helps you think big.
6. It makes you more committed.

For details check

Do you write things down?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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