Awesome stuff will be posted here

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hey my friends,
i m preparing to post lots of awesome content here and on my social media sites… so donĀ“t miss it.
Follow me on your fave social media channels or here.
I m looking forward to interact with you all and having lots of fun on our journey to a limitless life šŸ˜‰

The links to my profiles you can find here.

I am behind but will never give up

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I know i didnĀ“t post anything for the past weeks… well, donĀ“t think that i have given up this blog… Oh no! NO! NO! NO! I will never give up now as i finally started it šŸ˜‰

The reason i didnĀ“t post is that there are school holidays here in Germany and my kids (twin boys 11 years old) keeps me very busy and i like to spend some time with them… besides that i m doing my job and every day i m learning a lot of new things related to success and having a great life which i will share here soon… i will start to do that in about 2 weeks when the school started again so that i can fully focus on that :)

If you like to see a pic of my sons add me on my facebook page and check the pictures… i will add more pics soon :)

ThatĀ“s it for now… let me know what you are doing these days… how is your blog going?

Theme Change – new blog design

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I couldnĀ“t fix this error on my page on the old theme… and i canĀ“t stand to wait any longer… so now i changed the theme… because this error makes me stick with my challenge… and i want to move on – finally…

what do you think of the new theme ???

I am a bit behind

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Hi to everyone whoĀ“s reading this….
I am a bit behind with my challenge because i havenĀ“t much time actually (busy with kids) and here on my site shows error messages and i m trying to fix that…

However i thought i should post something…

The QSC Group is still very active but i couldnĀ“t much participate in the discussions lately and also didnĀ“t visit other blogs for a while… because i want to fix this error first… so i wrote to the developer and asked for help… now waiting for reply.

10 Steps To Help You Discovering and Leveraging your Talents for Wealth

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Hey guys and girls,
finally i finished this weeks challenge… It really took me long this week… there were a lot to do and i didnĀ“t have much time… The setup was complicated for me even when it looks easy to do on the surface…

I chose and recommend getresponse as my autoresponder as itĀ“s one of the major ones and itĀ“seasy to use.
If you still donĀ“t have one, you van create your account via this link, and you will get 25 ā‚¬ credit for start.

So… i guess you have seen my opt-in form on the right side/sidebar. You can sign up and get a free audiobook + ebook called “10 steps to help you discovering and leveraging your Talents for Wealth.”

Download it and and let me know what you think.

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – Autoresponder

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I truly love this Quick Start Challenge… next challenge is to set up an autoresponder and to have a free gift to give away to new subscribers… like the other two challenges also this one is something i procrastinated for years… and i knew that would come… i was just waiting for it šŸ˜‰

But i still didnĀ“t do it… mmmhhh…

BTW, the Quick Start Challene Community is really awesome… thank you all :)

Now i will check out autoresponders….

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 – My first video

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Now i finally uploaded and published my first video on YouTube and my blog.

It wasnĀ“t so hard to do as i thought… however itĀ“s very very short…

IĀ“m very happy that i bought this “Quick Start Challenge” Course because after all the struggle i m able to do what i always procrastinated before… however I think what hold me back from doing what i supposed to do was/is that it was something i never did before and that made/make me feel uncomfortable.

How about you?

TODAY is the Day !

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I bought this domain and created this website already in 2013 but never used it to write anything…

i always wanted but… life kept me busy with other things that got more important…

I never forgot about the site but i thought “I will write when the right time is there.”

So… finally – today – is the day to write my first blog post because

i joined aĀ  program called “The Quick Start Challenge 3.0″


and the first challenge is to write at least one blog post and an “about me” page…

so here I am and here is my page…



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