Day 24 til 30 – Last Friday i started scoping on Periscope



I am so happy that i finally scoped on Periscope.

I m on that mobile app since end of July as viewer and enjoyed it a lot…

I told myself “i will broadcast one day too”… some day… but that day may never come.

Several experiences made me aware that i m afraid of doing it and some peri friends asked me to scope… that´s why i decided to do it !!!

I no longer want to procrastinate things… i procrastinated to much already over the past 3 years !!!

It´s time to take action now !!!

Follow me there:


Day 7 – Join me on periscope


today i was busy with some more website stuff… watching training for putting more things on website…

and of course i watched some of my favourite periscopers for inspiration :)

tomorrow is a holiday here… have to bring my kids to sleep now… it´s 10:42 pm already… but tomorrow is no school :)

If you are not on Periscope, download the app and add me… you will get notifications when i am live :)

click here now:



Where i have been

Hey… do you wonder where i have been the past weeks?

End of July i discovered the live-streaming app “Periscope” and i m there daily… i have connected with lots of awesome and successful peeps there. It is truly a live-changing experience.

Tons of entrepreneurs are there and sharing their success tips, empowering stories, helping you with your challenges and to grow and to change your life… answering your questions… it´s so awesome… i can´t be described… you must experience it for yourself.

Are you stuck in your life ?

Do you want to move forward ?


1. go in your app store/goopleplay store  on your phone and download the app

2. i recommend to use your twitter account or create one and log in

3. search for @sunshineladyNET and add me on Periscope and Twitter

4. wait for suggestions from me to what to watch or who to follow or ask me here in the comments

I m waiting for your comments and looking forward to meet you on periscope :)